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"DTC actually care about our business which is refreshing.  Always keen to learn about our company and offer fresh perspectives to help with strategic problem-solving". 


"DTC's ability to build relationships and connect us with relevant D2C partners allowed us to filter through the noise and focus our attention on a few quality conversations with potential suppliers". 


"It's been a pleasure to brainstorm with Paul during our digital transformation journey and we hope to team up with DTC again in the future.".

About Aamp.

The vast array of technology available for enhanced driving experiences continues to grow each day. So when commercial fleet managers, and passenger vehicle drivers, purchase their vehicle, the features they desire may not have been available.


That’s where AAMP comes in.


We give all drivers access to the latest in-vehicle technology, no matter what age vehicle you drive.


Our products span a variety of the most popular categories for vehicle enhancements, from safety and, multimedia, to audio and telematics.


Our integration solutions enable the installation of those front-end technologies to interface with the vehicle’s existing electrical system. 


Our products go to market through our retail partners, who have installation bays ready to facilitate not only the purchase of the product but also the installation, our commercial partners, who span small and large fleet managers, to vehicle manufacturers and car dealerships, who want to offer our custom-designed solutions as add-ons at the point of sale.