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Passion and desire to create show-stopping lashes is the inspiration behind Amele Cosmetics. That and we became increasingly tired of using glue – we hated the smell, mess and irritation that it caused around our delicate eye area. Not to mention the way it gave the game away when those annoying corners would lift up, sometimes not even half way through our day or night.

When Amele first made a foray into trying out magnetic eyelashes, there were many that really weren’t up to their high standards. They hate anything that isn’t a simple and seamless process, hence the reason they decided to make their own, and Amele Cosmetics collection of lashes was created. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, Amele Cosmetics set the seal on presenting your best self while remaining true to an ethical ethos. Amele cherish what they have started and we want to share our fuss-free magnetic lashes with you, so you can become converted like us.

"Finding the right marketing partner was becoming a pain, due to the fact that there are so marketing companies that often under deliver on the promises they make during their 'slick pitches'.  DTC enabled us to cut through the bull and find a reputable but grounded partner who was like a breath of fresh air, not making any huge promises and not even tying us into any long term contracts.  Because of this we have seen them over deliver on agreed metrics and our growth is self evident".

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