Crypto Currency -

The Next Retail Boom

Leveraging Crypto Wallets for Your Store 

We at DTC are helping many retailers and brands to explore the potential that crypto wallet holders can bring to sales and basket volumes. 

There are currently over 184+ countries with crypto markets and over 100 million crypto users globally, and this is climbing at a staggering rate and a growing number of baby boomers and Gen Xers are becoming interested in bitcoin and other tokens.

This represents a huge market of potential customers for your products.  

So what should you expect from a retail crypto exchange for your store? 

- Direct API connection to your Platform creating a Seamless Integration 

- The ability to Immediately Convert into Cash 

- No chargebacks - Built in Fraud Protection 

- Compatibility with All Wallets 

- Seamless Refund Mechanism with No Volatility 

- Merchant Friendly Interface 

- A Low Transaction Fee

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