Growth through Technology Selection

"We've known DTC for a few years now.  DTC always listens to our brand's needs and brings interesting projects to the table.  It's never a constant sales pitch, but a considered approach to what will genuinely help us evolve".

About Lakeland.

At Lakeland we hate with a passion any leather that is described (and sold) as leather but simply isn't;- at least not in our minds!  Unfortunately the rules in the UK that determine what constitutes leather are a bit loose. 

We pride ourselves on high quality 100% real leather with natural finishes. Some may call them imperfections, but it's these unique blemishes that make a Lakeland Leather.

Everything we sell is selected or designed by our team in Ambleside. We take inspiration from our natural surroundings and from the fashion world in which we live.


Each year, our buyers travel far and wide in the search for new products, designs and ideas. They return to the Lake District exhausted and gasping for fresh air.

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