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Customer Experience: Wide Fit Shoes

For most people, buying shoes is a simple transaction. For the, each transaction is a new opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level.

Over a quarter of men and 41% of women say their feet have got longer or wider in recent years.  A fifth said they struggled to find shoes wide enough.  And many admit to buying ill-fitting shoes - mostly non-intentionally, but sometimes for fashion's sake.  Just under a third of the women and a fifth of the men surveyed said they suffered from daily or frequent soreness due to wearing incorrect footwear.

Wide Fit Shoes focuses on encouraging individuality by supplying footwear that lets people express their style no matter the occasion but is safe and comfortable to wear.  Wide Fit Shoes are a well-established footwear retailer established in 1965.

Omni-Channel Solution

As a retail business, the customer experience always comes first for Their customer service is divided into two teams: one handling general inquiries while the other focuses on online orders. “The goal,” explained Birju Umeria, Ecommerce Director, “is to give our online shoppers the same personal attention received by in-store customers”.

“We engaged DTC to assist in choosing an omnichannel solution that would merge our online and in-store experience as soon as possible, but would cause minimal disruption when we decide to replatform to Magento 2, and when we saw the proposed solution ‘ebizmarts’ we were impressed and even more so when DTC pointed out it is ‘Magento native’ and thus easy to implement, we had to have it.  We now have the ability to process orders in store and online with the kind of integration larger companies spend a fortune on.  DTC ensured we have a system that would move with us when replatforming and we couldn’t be happier with the results”.

Customer Service Enhancements

“We had a backlog of inquiries and calls that our customer service team struggled to keep up with. It was clear that we lacked process, proper insights and data” Birju said.

DTC helped us to analyse our workflows and looked at various solutions to our ongoing problem.  We we’re looking at Mirasvit, but DTC settled on a comparison between Zendesk and Aheadworks.  We decided on Zendesk as we felt it would grow with us as a business and we could effectively ‘switch on’ additional features once needed.

“The good thing about Zendesk—one of the good things—is that the company offers a lot of support to their customers. Many of the features we set up weren’t as complicated as I thought they were going to be,” Birju said.

“We looked at the ticket volume that we get in each day and it’s nothing compared to what we used to receive,” Birju said. “Customers seem a lot happier because there’s more information available to them on the website.”

“The agent workload is not as chaotic, and we’re now able to give our customers the right information,” Birju said. “They’re consistently getting a personalised experience, regardless of whether they’re shopping online or in-store.”

As Wide Fit Shoes continues leveraging Zendesk products and features to further streamline and personalise their support, Birju is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to use Zendesk to further refine the online customer experience.

DTC a trusted partner

“When we first engaged DTC we had trouble believing such a service was available for free, however, after dealing with them we’ve come to trust their business model, which is based on having partner relationships with only the best technology suppliers, and because of this we have received the benefit of their knowledge and relationships, which has enabled us to avoid a painstaking amount of research, with the risk of having to change suppliers should it not work out, and the costs/disruption that would have caused.  We are now evaluating additions to our technology stack that will help us achieve our goals for growth over the next few years and DTC will be joining us on our journey”.  Birju Umeria, Wide Fit Shoes.

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