• Paul Kelson

Online sales growth in April jumped 23.8% year-on-year – a 10-year high.

The data shows that the spike in sales was overwhelmingly driven by multichannel retailers. After recording higher growth than their online-only counterparts for the first time in a year in March, multichannel retailers continued to benefit from consumers’ changing shopping habits – with sales up 35% versus online-only retailers’ more modest rise of 8.3%.

Breaking down the figures at a category level, the hot April weather (combined with lockdown) triggered an exceptionally strong rise in gardening sales. Building upon March’s 94.4% year-on-year growth, last month’s sales soared 288% higher.

Meanwhile, electrical sales jumped 102% – boosted by remote working requirements and demand for at-home entertainment products. Further to its success in February and March, the health & beauty category saw sales climb 82%.

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