• Paul Kelson

Online Shopping here to stay - Despite Reopening !

The majority of British consumers will continue to shop online after the reopening of retail, according to new research.

A study from Scurri, which surveyed over 2,000 UK adults and was completed in March, found that rather than slowing down as lockdown restrictions lift the e-commerce boom will continue to accelerate.

Survey data captured during lockdown revealed that 71 per cent of British consumers received between one and three online shopping orders every week, 12 per cent had four to six parcels delivered every week, and 5 per cent had as many as seven and 15 packages delivered on a weekly basis.

The new research found that 48 per cent of all consumers aged 18-24 would continue to shop online even when shops reopen, the highest among all age ranges in the UK.

“The e-commerce industry has seen explosive growth with millions of shoppers being converted to online shoppers literally overnight, because of COVID. Overall, e-commerce has witnessed three years of growth over the last three quarters, and has accelerated five years ahead of itself within the space of a year” said Rory O’Connor, chief executive and founder of Scurri. “E-commerce trends and performance has accelerated, but things have also gotten far more complex.”

He added: “Consumer expectations have increased and many e-commerce novices have become online shopping experts overnight. The average online consumer is now more informed and less patient regarding delivery and they rightly expect excellent service and delivery from a trusted brand and retailer. For that reason, the majority of businesses are now delivery dependent and the moment of truth has moved from the store to the home. Customers are won or lost in that last delivery mile.”

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