• Paul Kelson

POS Client Spotlight: Jofit

Philadelphia based clothing and apparel supplier Jofit have undergone a number of changes in the past few years. Evolving from a wholesale women’s fashion brand in 2014, Jofit, in collaboration with Inverse Paradox, sought to expand their direct-to-consumer business with a redesign of their ecommerce experience and an overhaul in online marketing. Along with the digital transformation into an established online apparel business, Jofit soon followed in the footsteps of well-known ecommerce brands like Warby Parker and Bonobos, by opening their first physical retail location in November 2015. ​

Like any online business taking on the task of opening their first brick-and-mortar store, Jofit Founder & CEO Joanne Cloak faced many challenges when expanding her brand into the physical realm. Among the advice and consultancy given from their development partner Inverse Paradox, was the importance of selecting a point of sale solution built specifically for the Magento platform, and how taking this approach would alleviate many challenges they had previously experienced with standalone POS systems. After researching into viable POS options for Magento merchants, ebizmarts POS was identified as the optimal solution to deploy in Jofit’s flagship shop in Jupiter, Florida; an iOS based point of sale which simply brought Magento in-store, blurring the lines between online and in-store operations.

Upon successfully deploying ebizmarts POS in their flagship Jupiter store, Jofit was rapidly expanding, celebrating a second store opening in May 2017. The Newport Beach, CA shop was phase 2 out of a 3-phase roll out which saw Inverse Paradox playing a hand-in-hand role with Jofit as they leveraged Magento to grow their business both online and face-to-face with their customers in their first two brick-and-mortar stores.

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